Isle of Peplor

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Isle of Peplor is the resultant of routes traced in the basin of the Mediterranean Sea through history, people and faiths.

It’s the meeting point of routes traced form each gate to the sea: the strait of Gibraltar, gate of the new world, progress of imagination and creativity, the Nile's mouth, gate to the primitive energy of passion, the Bosphorus, gate of symmetries that fade towards distant lands where languages have different constructions; Palestine, the gate of the soul.

It’s the blessing of a wind blowing in the wrong directions into the veil of a boat, causing the shipwreck in a magical place, it’s a walk through the temples that once hosted hours of serious dissertations before ending up in their real aim which was usually laughter, It’s the early hours incense inside the cave of the apocalypse. It’s a contact. The Roman fierce and rational strategy with the Greek philosophy and aesthetic, both crumbled by the Christian message; It’s a journey, a pilgrimage into what deeply inspires us.

ohn Taki in his M29 Swim Trunk

In the photos John Taki and Diego testing our first prototype in a legendary island of the Dodecanese, before and after some chilled retsina metses and a good read of myths.


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